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Bits and pieces from across the internet about culture, the environment, study abroad, international education, and an occasional wildcard.

Working together to reduce food waste

Nifty use of social media to reduce food waste in the San Francisco area. It would be great to see this spread to other communities.

Bring back the beavers

Maybe it’s because I’m partial to woodland creatures but I am intrigued by the suggestion to bring back beavers to the UK countryside to help deminish the effects of flooding.

Little beaver in river

The Exceptional Pete Seeger

Highly recommendable 2006 profile of the great Mr. Seeger from the New Yorker. Make sure you go to beacause the NYer’s website only offers an intro to nonsubscribers.

Tomorrow: Global Life Link-Up

Cate over at Small Planet Studio is organizing a “Global Life” link-up on Friday, the 31st. “Link up to two of your own globally-themed blog posts. They don’t have to be from the current week but please, no products, promotions, events, social media profiles, etc.” Last month’s can be found here.





photo credit: Paul Stevenson via photopin cc


Green Passport

In May I started as the Coordinator for the Green Passport Program. The program encourages connecting study abroad (including interning and working) with sustainability and does this mainly through a pledge to focus students and travelers on green and culturally aware actions and by providing resources to both students and education abroad professionals. GP has a Facebook page and I have been working on getting the other resources available via a web page that will be ready soon. If anyone has any good resources that they would like to suggest please comment below or email me at

Sustainability and study abroad: making connections

The new year has been very exciting as I have been working to unite two of the major interests and passions in my life: international and global education (study abroad, cross-cultural learning, language learning) and environmental concerns (environmental education, environmental philosophy, politics, global warming, personal responsability). Both topics are understandably large and very much cross-discipline so I am narrowing my focus to how we can move study abroad in a more sustainable direction while at the same time enhancing program design so that it provides students with challenging opportunities to strengthen their cross cultural skills. In a few words, how can we make study abroad greener and a culturally richer experience at the same time?

Along the same lines I am amazed daily by the amount and quality of information that you can find online. Just last December I took an online course titled “Global Education: The Intercultural Dimension” from The North South Center. The particpants were from all over the world and we took part in readings, group and individual projects, and forums. The results wowed me. I certainly learned more about global education and enjoyed collaborating with other folks with common interests. It was my first more stuctured online course. As can be expected some of the students did not particpate much and, unfortunately, the forum could have been better (althought I think that had more to do with the time zone difficulties than anything else). This Monday, “Introduction to Sustainability” will be starting on Coursera. I’m excited to learn more about this topic (and see what connections I can make to the current challenges in study abroad) and experience a MOOC. The course lasts eight weeks so I plan to update here on the progress we make and the activities.

Have you ever participated in a MOOC?

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