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Is there a difference between global ed and international ed?

I’m thrilled to have a new guest post up on Melibee Global’s blog. The post approaches the differences between global education and international education through the lense of Spain’s coffee culture (or should I say filter?)

Related to my post and also on Melibee’s page is information about an upcoming webinar with Professor Anthony Ogden about the decolonization of study abroad.  If you are unfamiliar with his work there is a wonderful article(pdf) from Frontiers Journal  that explains several of the problematic aspects of study abroad programs today.


Good tips about chosing a study abroad location. I would add one more: once you have though it over and made lists and researched, go to the study abroad office and ask their advice. They can help you to find a good fit, especially with so many programs available. But take the first step by going to the office with some idea of your preferences beyond language.

ISA Study Abroad Student Blog

Amanda Arroyo is a student at California Lutheran University and is an ISA Classmates Connecting Cultures  blogger corresponding with the Study Abroad Center at Cal Lutheran. Amanda is currently studying abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica on a Fall 4 program.

You made the decision to study abroad. But now you’re faced with unlimited questions.
  • What country?
  • What program?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Do I want to volunteer while I’m abroad?
  • What classes are offered that will transfer back to school?
  • Which city within a given country do I want to be in?
  • Will I like it?
  • Do I want to learn the language?

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Raise your voice (Monday, the 10th) for International Exchange

The Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange (NGO, mission:formulate and promote public policies that support the growth and well being of international exchange links between the people of the United States and other nations) is taking part in day of action to protect international exchange government budgeting. Here is an email about action you can take to contribute:

Tweet #NoMoreCuts to exchanges on Monday

The Alliance is engaged with a broad coalition (led by the Coalition for Health Funding) that opposes sequestration and further cuts to non-defense discretionary (NDD) programs, like international exchanges.


The NDD coalition is mobilizing a day of action on Twitter (using the hashtag #NoMoreCuts) this Monday, December 10, and we encourage you to be involved. Tweets are a simple but effective way of getting this message out to policy makers.


So what do you need to do? Simply tweet directly to your Members of Congress, and ask them not to cut exchanges and other NDD programs any further. Encourage your members, volunteers, followers, and friends to do the same.


Included below are sample tweets for your use. Make sure you include the Twitter handle of the Member you are tweeting in your message. This ensures that the Member will get a notification of being “mentioned” in your message and will see what you’ve sent. [For a complete list of Members and their twitter handles, please see these House & Senate lists. To find your Members of Congress, enter your zip code here. ]


Thank you for taking action on this important issue. We’ll send a reminder on Monday, as well as begin tweeting ourselves!


Sample Tweets


• Leadership, cultural learning, & lang study: #InternationalExchange prepares Americans for global economy, [insert member twitter handle]. #NoMoreCuts!


• #InternationalExchange enhances US natl security & smart power. [insert member twitter handle] make sure there are #NoMoreCuts! #sequester


• A secure #America needs more than #military might! [insert member twitter handle] #NoMoreCuts to #InternationalExchange! #sequester


• #InternationalExchange is an investment in the future, expanding the vision of current & emerging leaders. [insert member twitter handle] #NoMoreCuts! 


• #InternationalExchange teaches Americans critical skills and enhances US global competitiveness. [insert member twitter handle] #NoMoreCuts! #sequester


• Discretionary cuts to #InternationalExchange harm the #economy! [insert member twitter handle] say #NoMoreCuts! #sequester


• #Sequestration means an 8.2% cut to #InternationalExchange funding in 2013. [insert member twitter handle] make sure there are #NoMoreCuts!


• Discretionary investments have already been cut by nearly $1.5 trillion. [insert member twitter handle] make sure there are #NoMoreCuts! #sequester


• Remember [insert member twitter handle], over 3000 groups want you to say #NoMoreCuts to discretionary investments! #sequester



Members of Congress need to hear directly from YOU, their constituents about the localimpact of exchanges in their home states, districts, and communities.



Through our Raise Your Voice for Exchange campaign, the Alliance is striving to increase theprofile of international exchange programs—

and their very tangible value in communities across the United States.


Learn more at

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