Hello!  I’m Maria.

What I believe:

•Engaging with new people and different cultures is exciting, fun, and often complicated.

•Coss cultural engagement can help us create solutions to all sorts of problems

•One of the best ways to do this is international and experiential education and cultural immersion.

Looking back on my life I have always found that of my experiences the cross cultural ones have been the most exciting, fun, challenging, and stimulating. Some of my favorite memories are hosting exchange students and attending cultural events at school and around the community. Some of my most difficult yet rewarding moments are from study abroad in Spain, living with host families, and adapting to life outside my country. I have lived in Spain for over ten years teaching English to a vareity of ages and levels.  I love the one on one contact with a diverse group of people and the opportunities to be creative. I am also an intern for Melibee Global and am thrilled to be diving into the nitty gritty of international education. Since May 2013 I have been the Coodinator for the Green Passport Program.

Evergreen Exchange is my little spot to share international exchange experiences and reflections.  The goal is to explore adaptation and integration in other cultures, particularly through education abroad.

Besides, I love hearing stories.

My Twitter. Write me at evergreenexchange@gmail.com.


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