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Dr. Woolf’s relfections on the meaning of community

An enjoyable read on what “community” means today, particularly with all the niche communities that are now at our fingertips. I disagree, however, that “If we have a sense of belonging to something, it tends to be independent of geography.” Part of what I often miss being abroad is interacting in the physical communities I know from the US, and some of my greatest joys here are when I feel a part of the geographical communities.

The American West

And speaking of geographically based communities, the managing editor at the High Country News has written about differing views on what the “American West” really is or should be. Reminds me of my Whitman class about the “New West” (before it was a semester long trip).

Wildlife habitats in US cities

Explains growing focus on efforts in US cities to provide a variety of follage specifically for wildlife. I wish they had included more information on this claim: “Urban ecology and urban wildlife programs are also proliferating on university campuses.” Nevertheless it is exciting to see positive action in cities since urban wildlife, particularly birds, are many people’s first and primary exposure to nature.


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