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Journaling prompts for Study Abroad PDF

Is Facebook ruining study abroad? Why not turn off the social media updates and photo postings and start reflecting on what it means to be in another culture? Along these lines I’m posting my second set of free journaling prompts for study abroad. Again my goal is to provide ideas to get students started but without being too specific so that each person can take the prompts wherever they want to go with them.


Is there a difference between global ed and international ed?

I’m thrilled to have a new guest post up on Melibee Global’s blog. The post approaches the differences between global education and international education through the lense of Spain’s coffee culture (or should I say filter?)

Related to my post and also on Melibee’s page is information about an upcoming webinar with Professor Anthony Ogden about the decolonization of study abroad.  If you are unfamiliar with his work there is a wonderful article(pdf) from Frontiers Journal  that explains several of the problematic aspects of study abroad programs today.

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