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Insightful tips for homesickness

Love these tips from US student Mollie in Spain.  It’s a thoughtful post and I love her suggestion to stay in town and to know yourself.  So much of “culture shock” is the stress of the unknown and you can minimize it by concentrating on what you need to relax and calm yourself, regardless of where you are.

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Mollie Herlockeris a student at California Lutheran University and an ISA Featured Blogger. Mollie is currently studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain on an ISA Fall 1 program.

I was intensely homesick for a week about a month after my arrival to Spain and I have struggled with some random sad and unhappy days in Salamanca this semester. This has been exacerbated by the difficulty I’ve had communicating with the people that I depend on for support because I don’t have good internet access when it is convenient for my friends and family (there’s a nine hour time difference between Spain and California). This is a list of some of the things that I’ve thought through or done to help alleviate some of the tougher times that I think might be helpful for anyone thinking of or currently studying abroad:

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Journal prompts PDF for Abroad

Due to my faith in journaling as a way to better process and remember an experience (and thus ideal for sudy abroad) I have put together the first two pages in a series to help students get started. I really wanted to title these something along the lines of “Reflect/understand/discover/consider/delve deeper/doodle/remember etc Diary Inspirations and Ideas/jumping off points.” But I finally titled them “my view abroad diary.”

My goal with the title and the pages themselves is to provide ideas to get students started but without being too specific so that each person can take the prompts wherever they want to go with them. The series will continue in the coming weeks to include more pages, published in sets of two.

PDF Link: (my abroad view diary)

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