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Teen Vogue and study abroad?

As it’s not the first place I would look for education related advice, I was happily surprised to read this short article in Teen Vogue with tips for study abroad. Of particular interest are the recommendations to not travel during the first weeks (hard to resist the temptation but I think staying put would help you feel more grounded and maybe even help with homesickness) and, of course, getting to know your host family instead of simply staying with them. I’m happy to see these ideas shared!


Journaling while abroad

I have a guest post up over at Melibee Global. Melibee provides a variety of innovative international education related services (speakers,international education virtual training, and more). As an intern with her and thus having an inside view, I can really vouch for Missy’s (the founder) desire to make innovation and quality her priorities.  She regularly has fun, interesting, and even controversial blog posts. Check out mine at

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