Homestay tips: 5 articles to help you feel at home

Preparing a homestay? Most advice is common sense but the following articles can help you with a little more detail.

• General tips.

• Detailed advice.

• This is partly focused on Latin America but also has some general tips. I like numbers five and ten.

• Specific to Eastern Europe.

• For Japan.

I’d love to find more country specific tips. Do you have any advice for a homestay participant?


About Maria

Inspired by international exchange, I teach in Spain and blog about cross cultural learning, study abroad, and global education topics.

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  1. I participated in a home-stay in Japan and I would like to say that your comments and suggestions are very spot on – and reminded me of a few interesting memories! A wonderful post, thank you for doing it!

    • I wish I had written about Japan 🙂 Would love to go there. I’m not sure who wrote that post I linked to but the information seemed helpful. Glad to have someone verify it. And I would like to interview you about your homestay if you’re interested.

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    Check out these great tips and advice on how to make the best of an abroad homestay experience!

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